Mari is democratic furniture design bringing innovation, sustainability, and visual poetry to the street artisans of India.
Mari furniture marries technologies from the past and the future combining the nostalgic, ancient practice of cane bending with new innovative materials and industrial processes. The outcome is an inspiring product range that will spark special moments and curiosity for the masses.
A nod to the traditional jute 'Charpoy' daybed used throughout India as a special place to daydream and cool off.
Charpoy is a form fitting, flexible daybed that rests on two feet. The feet are weighted, resulting in a low center of gravity. The cane and Pellicle fabric work together to cocoon the user's body so when used, it is  the ultimate daydreaming spot in a beaming Indian summer day.
A noodle-like, lightweight bent cane chair that wraps around you. The draping seat is made of bacterial cellulose.
Produced in Kerala, India by Malai, bacterial cellulose is a new biological material made from bacteria grown in waste coconut water, then colored with vegetable dyes. The material has structure and texture like leather but is unique and fully biodegradable.
An outdoor solar light that projects mesmerizing ambient patterns at night. The form affords a variety of interesting use cases like hanging clothes lines to dry garments during the day which is a common sight in Asia.
Kamal, meaning lotus in Hindi, collects energy during the day using a solar cell and lights up automatically at night using a photocell and an LDR sensor.
The warm LED tube light shines through a cane netting mesh, making the lighting patterned and indirect.
Further plans include building functional mockups and prototypes with cane artisans in India.​​​​​​​
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