Diceros is a long distance drone specifically designed for rhino conservation in South Africa
Diceros is a concept drone system for Land Rover x Air Shepherd. Land Rover is known for building vehicles that can survive the harsh African terrain. Air Shepherd specializes in using drones for rhino conservation. By partnering these two companies, the outcome is a rhino protection system that is durable, synchronized, and effective.
CMF: The Diceros drone has foldable carbon fiber propellers, iridescent lights for alarming, and a lightweight carbon fiber body. The bottom belly of the drone features a Vantablack S-VIS finish which absorbs all UV, visible, and IR light so poachers can't see or scan for the drones. 

The foldable propellers are an example of multifunctional forms inspired by nature. The side propellers can engage when raising and lowering or be folded back for aerodynamics when moving forward.
Diceros flies autonomously in a pack of 3 surveying the prairies for poachers. Earlier this year the white rhino nearly reached extinction due to eastern demand for their horns. Diceros' goal is to protect the rhinos as an interceptor in the sky, always on the lookout.
Diceros drones coordinate as a group and mount onto a custom roof rack designed for a Land Rover Defender 110. The roof hub recharges the drones and transports them to new locations for further searching.

The drones coordinate in a fashion inspired by nature called "swarm intelligence." Like bees and termites, the Diceros drones share information to one another and self organize without top-down control.
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